Excellence in Virtual IT Training & Cybersecurity Consulting in Chicago

Welcome to Southside CHI Solutions, your trusted partner in Chicago for all your IT training, consulting, and cybersecurity needs. At Southside CHI Solutions, we understand that in today's digital age, businesses need to focus on their core competencies while ensuring the security and efficiency of their IT infrastructure. That's where we come in—securing businesses and energizing Chicago. Our journey is rooted in the vision of Darius J. Davis, a seasoned IT professional with over 15 years of experience. Darius recognized the growing threat of cyberattacks and the vulnerability of small to medium-sized businesses, especially in the bustling landscape of Chicago. As a native of the southside, he's passionate about supporting local businesses. His mission is clear: to coach and train small to medium-sized businesses on the best cybersecurity practices, safeguarding their operations, and helping them thrive. We take a personalized approach to every client. We understand that each business has unique goals and challenges, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Our commitment is to provide you with custom-tailored solutions that align with your specific needs and long-term cybersecurity objectives. We emphasize that building a successful cybersecurity program is a journey, not a quick fix, and we'll be with you every step of the way. Don't wait until a cyber threat disrupts your business. Take proactive steps today to protect your Chicago-based business. Contact us at (773) 417-9994, and let's begin the journey toward a more secure and efficient future for your organization. Southside CHI Solutions is securing businesses and energizing Chicago.


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