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Welcome to Southside CHI Solutions, your trusted partner in Chicago for all your IT training, consulting, and cybersecurity needs. At Southside CHI Solutions, we understand that in today's digital age, businesses need to focus on their core competencies while ensuring the security and efficiency of their IT ...
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Navigating IT, Nurturing Success

At Southside CHI Solutions, we're more than just an IT service provider; we're your strategic IT partner. Our mission is to empower businesses in Chicago with a range of cutting-edge IT services that help them thrive in the digital landscape. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering ...
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Industries We Help

Law Firms and Attorneys

Law firms and attorneys regularly handle highly confidential client information, legal documents, and sensitive case data. For small legal businesses, cyber security training is essential to ensure that legal professionals and staff members are well-versed in protecting client confidentiality and maintaining the integrity of legal documents. Training will focus on identifying potential cyber threats, securing communication channels, and safeguarding digital legal repositories, aligning with the unique needs and ethical responsibilities of legal practitioners in their small business environment.

Education and Training Centers

Educational institutions, training centers, or tutoring services handle sensitive data about students, parents and staff. Cybersecurity training for educators and staff is not just a precaution - it's a necessity. Our tailored approach empowers your team to safeguard every piece of critical information, ensuring that your educational facility remains a trusted pillar of learning and safety in the digital age.

Retail Businesses

Retail businesses handle customer payment data and personal information, making them attractive targets for cyber attacks. Cyber security training helps small businesses in the retail sector understand best practices for protecting customer data and preventing breaches.

Manufacturing and Engineering

Small manufacturing and engineering companies often have valuable proprietary information and may be susceptible to industrial espionage. Cyber security training educates employees on safeguarding intellectual property, identifying potential cyber threats, and securing production processes within the context of their small business operations.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers deal with sensitive patient data, including medical records and personally identifiable information. Small healthcare businesses can benefit from cyber security training to ensure that staff members are equipped to safeguard patient information and comply with privacy regulations.

Professional Services Firms

Small professional services firms often handle sensitive client data and intellectual property. Cyber security training helps employees understand the importance of data protection, client confidentiality, and safe online practices in the context of their small business operations.

Restaurants and Food Services

Restaurants and food services businesses handle customer payment information and may have online ordering systems. Cyber security training can help small businesses in this industry recognize potential threats such as phishing scams and maintain secure payment processes.

Hospitality and Tourism

Small businesses in the hospitality and tourism industries process guest information, including personal and financial data. Cyber security training helps employees understand the importance of protecting guest privacy, securing reservation systems, and preventing data breaches within the unique context of their small business.

E-Commerce and Online Businesses

Small e-commerce and online businesses deal with customer payment information and operate in a digital environment. Cyber security training is crucial for small business employees to understand secure coding practices, identify potential vulnerabilities, and protect customer data from unauthorized access.

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